Fire Safety Education

The Fire Safety Education program of the Conway Fire Department is an exciting and for certain never lacks a need for entertainment aspect that is enjoyed by all involved. The education of fire safety to the young and elder alike is something that all personnel of Conway Fire Department takes great pride and accomplishment in. Various activity’s may range from safety lectures to helping identify proper fire escape plans. We take great pleasure in being able to boast that we get to visit approximately 4500 children in October during fire prevention week or the 50+ appearances the fire trucks may make throughout the year to visit various daycares or organizations. We firmly believe that fire safety begins with the education of our young children, this is why we strive to make sure these areas will always be offered to the citizens of Conway. Reminder : The one child that we forget to educate, may be the one that falls into the column of another statistic. Please don’t let this happen, call 501-450-6148 to inquire about any of these various areas.


Code Red